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Dublin Taxi

It has become increasingly easy to find a taxi in Dublin in the last few years. Following changes to taxi licensing regulations in 2000, the number of taxis in Dublin has rocketed from 2,000 to 25,000, according to estimates by Dublin taxi drivers. It is still advisable to book a taxi to Dublin airport in advance if you have to be on a red eye flight from Monday to Friday but otherwise you should be able to pick up a taxi easily enough, if you know where to look. Here you find some tips for the best spots to hail a taxi in Dublin as well as information on taxi fares and phone numbers for the main Dublin taxi companies.

Taxis And Hackney Cabs
There are two types of taxis in Dublin: Licensed taxis and hackney cabs. You can hail a licensed taxi at a taxi rank or on the street while a hackney cab must be hired by phone or in person at a hackney office. A licensed taxi must display a yellow TAXI display panel on the top of the car's roof while hackney cabs are generally unmarked. Taxis are metered while hackney offices will have a fixed price list for different destinations or you haggle out a price in advance of your journey. The difference in the final cost is usually negligible these days. During rush hour, licensed taxis can use Dublin bus lanes but Hackney's can't. Hackney offices are usually small walk-in shops on main streets, particularly in Dublin suburbs, with names featuring 'Cars' or 'Cabs'. You may also find business cards with a number for a hackney in pubs, bars and Bed & Breakfasts.

Taxi Fares
The initial charge when you hail a Dublin taxi is €4.10 and includes the first kilometre. Additional kilometres are charged at €1.03. The kilometre rate goes up to €1.35 after 15 kilometres. On longer journeys, the rate increases again to €1.77 per kilometre. Bear that in mind when taking a taxi to or from locations on the outskirts of Dublin. If you are travelling in a group of two or more, then your driver will add a €1.00 charge per additional passenger. Children under 12 count as half an adult. Between 20:00 and 8:00 you can expect to pay approximately 10% on top of the daytime rates. If you are travelling to the airport, it is advisable to agree a fee in advance. If you order a taxi by phone, most companies will be happy to quote a fixed price for airport transfers or other, longer journeys. All taxi fares are set by the Irish taxi regulator, the Commission For Taxi Regulation. The last fare increase took place on 1 November 2008 and all fares stated here reflect this latest tariff.

Taxi Ranks
There are currently 79 taxi ranks in Dublin which are in service 24 hours a day. The main taxi ranks in the city centre are located on O'Connell Street, up towards Parnell Square and on College Green opposite the Bank Of Ireland and the main gate into Trinity College. Additional night time taxi ranks operate between 20:00 and 6:00 on several locations in the city centre, including Dame Street and Merrion Row.

Taxis By Night
The queues at taxi ranks typically swell by night, particularly after the pubs close. Your best bet is to hail a taxi down on the street. Good spots to find an empty taxi are the main runs cabbies use returning into town after dropping off a fare. Around the city centre, try the North Quays like Arran Quay, Inns Quay and Ormond Quay. If you are further down on the Southside, try Camden Street, Wexford Street or South Great Georges Street.

North City Centre
The North quays of the River Liffey are always a good bet to hail a taxi on the street. Competition by fellow travellers is fierce, so pick a place early on between Queen Street and the Four Courts on the North Quays. O'Connell Street has a large taxi rank opposite the Savoy cinema. A lesser known spot to pick up a taxi is Sackville Street off O'Connell Street, further down towards the Liffey. There is usually a line of taxis waiting here for a call or a free spot at the rank up the road.

South City Centre
South Great Georges Street is a good place to hail a taxi on the road if you are in the town centre. Late at night you may have to venture further down the road towards Wexford Street to avoid the crowds of potential taxi customers spilling out of the pubs here. One of Dublin's main taxi ranks is on College Green, just in front of the gates to Trinity College. The queue here is fast moving during shopping hours, but at night the queue tends to grow longer and longer. Move around the corner of Trinity towards Dawson Street. There is a taxi rank on Dawson Street outside the Cafe En Seine. But queues here can be lengthy and you might wander down the road towards Stephen's Green to catch an incoming taxi.

Dublin Taxi Companies
Below you find the telephone numbers for the main taxi companies servicing Dublin. Call centres are usually open 24 hours. Waiting times may differ, pending traffic conditions and time of the day. If you can, avoid ordering a taxi at peak times between 7:00 and 9:00 and 16:00 and 19:00 from Monday to Friday. If you are thinking of going out on a Saturday night, it is advisable to book your taxi before 18:00 that day. At other times you can expect to wait 20-30 minutes from putting in a call to seeing your taxi arrive.

City Cabs
Phone: 01 872 7272

Metro Cabs
Phone: 01 668 3333

National Radio Cabs
Phone: 01 677 2222

Pony Cabs
Phone: 01 661 2233

Taxi 7
Phone: 01 460 0000

Xpert Digi Taxis
Phone: 01 667 0777

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