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Dublin Nightlife

When it comes to nightlife, few European capitals can offer more choices than Dublin. The city sports a dazzling array of pubs, restaurants, theatres, cinemas, live music venues, traditional Irish music sessions, clubs and late night bars. Dubliners love their craic, the Irish for having a good time. While there may be no 24 hour licensing like in Berlin, locals cram as much fun and excitement into each hour as possible and you will rarely witness a lull in an average Dublin night.

Dublin is a very young and laid back city and this shows in its nightlife. Take it easy and enjoy yourself. Here you find addresses and reviews of the most popular pubs, the happening music venues, the most accomplished traditional music sessions, the best theatres and cinemas, as well as the highest rated and atmospheric restaurants and the trendiest clubs. Dublin is a very compact city and the nightlife tends to concentrate around certain areas. Pick any of the places reviewed here and you will typically find more choices within easy walking distance. Dublin is a fun and comparatively safe city to roam around at night. Start with some of our suggestions and then discover your own favourites.

Dublin Pubs
Dublin pubs are legendary for their unique atmosphere and hospitality. You are never more than a few 100 metres away from a pub in Dublin and there is a pub for every taste, mood or time of day. There is no better place to sample the local speciality, the world famous Guinness.

Live Music In Dublin
Dublin is a favourite stop-over for many international superstars and hot, upcoming bands alike. With more than a dozen dedicated live music venues, there is a gig on virtually every night of the week. If you want some real local flavour, take in a typical session of traditional Irish music in a pub.

Cinema In Dublin
There are five modern multi-screen cinemas in Dublin’s city centre. From the gigantic Cine World complex to the ultra stylish Lighthouse Cinema, Dublin cinemas exude their own charm.

Dublin Theatres
Dublin has a thriving theatre scene which is typically anything but high brow or overly formal. Dubliners like both classical and contemporary plays. Next time you visit Dublin, why not take in a play and make a night-out of it.

A Typical Dublin Night
A Dublin night out typically starts with friends meeting in the pub. Then it is on to a restaurant, a show or some live music. Unless there is a night club attached to the theatre or music venue, you'll find yourself back on the street by 23:00. It's still an hour before the late night bars and discos will get lively, so there is time for another round in the pub. Between midnight and 1:00 you show up at the club or late night establishment of your choice to party into the early morning hours. At the end of the night, you stop at a chipper to get a bag of chips, maybe with curry sauce, to strengthen you for the way home.

Relaxed Dress Code
The first thing you will notice about Dublin nightlife is how relaxed everything is. Few places specify a dress code and queues at the door are at best non-existent or at worst fairly short and fast moving. Once inside a venue, you'll typically find a very democratic scene with one bar for all rather than cordoned-off VIP areas, which are a rare sight in Dublin. The locals have a very down to earth attitude towards celebrities, who are more likely to get 'a slagging' or a quick joke directed at them rather than preferential treatment in a club.

Stag Nights And Hen Parties
The relaxed atmosphere and wide choice of nightlife options make Dublin a firm favourite for stag nights and hen parties from Ireland and abroad. Dublin is the perfect city to celebrate that special occasion, be it a romantic anniversary, a family occasion or a birthday party. There is a selection of nightlife activities for almost every taste and budget within Dublin's city centre.

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