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Dublin City Council

Dublin City Council is the largest public authority in Ireland. The Council manages the city's parks and sports and leisure facilities. As a visitor, you can take advantage of a number of useful services the Council offers.

Council History
Before it was christened Dublin City Council in 2001, the city authority was known as Dublin City Corporation, or 'The Corpo' to Dubliners. The Corpo has shaped much of the look of Dublin's residential areas through its housing projects in the 1930s and 1950s. 'Corpo houses', the three bedroom terraced homes with their grey pebbledashed facades are the first glimpse of Dublin you get when you come into the city from Dublin Airport or Dublin Port.

Dublin Parks
The Council manages Dublin's innumerable parks from small greens barely big enough for a game of frisbee to large stretches of woodland complete with walk-on soccer and rugby pitches. Dublin's parks are typically well maintained and inviting places for a spontaneous picnic lunch, a walk or a cycle.

Outdoor Sports
Dublin has probably even more playing fields than parks. Every larger residential estate has a green large enough to hold a Rugby or Gaelic Football match. The latter is a bit like Rugby, but you kick and throw a Soccer ball. These playing fields are easy to spot thanks to the H-shaped goal posts that can be used for rugby, Gaelic Football and Soccer. As a visitor to Dublin, you can simply walk up and kick a ball around or you can get in touch with the Council to book a pitch for a game or to get information on exisiting leagues. The Council also manages a number of tennis courts, golf courses and basketball courts.

Indoor Sports
Dublin offers a number of public leisure centres, gyms and swimming pools to visitors.

Arts In Dublin
If you are looking for an indoors activity for kids or a creative outlet for yourself, you can join one of Dublin's many art workshops. During the week or at the weekend, there is always something on. Many workshops are free or only require a nominal charge. Materials are usually provided. Council organised workshops are held at the Hugh Lane Gallery and various other venues around town.

Dublin Markets
The Council manages various street markets around Dublin. Types of merchandise displayed, locations and times change. Even though Dubliners are a hardy bunch when it comes to the weather, there are usually more markets held during the summer months. For an up-to-date overview of what is available, please visit the Council's site.

Dublin Traffic Watch
If you hire a car to get around Dublin, you can check all main roads in and out of the city for congestion using the Council's live traffic cameras. Just go to the Council's Traffic Pages and select the location you want to look up on the map.

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