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Dublin Fringe Festival

Now in its 17th year, the Dublin Fringe Festival presents the best of contemporary avant-garde culture from a variety of disciplines including theatre, dance, street art and more. The festival is much loved by Dubliners and many artists and acts who started at the Fringe Festival went on to become mainstream sensations. Visitors from abroad enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and the world class performances by artists from Ireland and overseas. The Fringe Festival takes place annually in September.

Festival History
Launched in the harsh economic climate of Ireland in the 1980s, the Fringe Festival has grown from an improvised meeting of street performers and small, underground theatre companies into a two week event with more than 100 shows spread across 40 different venues all over Dublin. Despite its size, the Dublin Fringe Festival still champions the unexpected and makes it its mission to stage challenging performances that break with the norm. The Fringe Festival brings the cutting edge of the international avant-garde arts to Dublin and turns the city into a Mecca for art lovers from all over the world.

Dublin Fringe Festival 2011
The 2011 Fringe Festival will take place in Dublin from 10th to 25th September 2011. Last year's theme was a new vision of Dublin shaped by the time we live in, according to the organisers. Works performed during the festival are meant to draw inspiration from the cultural, social and physical landscape of the city. The festival aims high, but entertainment does not take a backseat during the Fringe and the organisers typically select shows that will bring the house down.

Festival Tickets
Some of the performances during the Fringe Festival are free; others require visitors to purchase a ticket. Ticket prices are capped by the organisers with the maximum typically set at €50.00 per ticket. The majority of shows during the festival are priced in the €10-€20 bracket. There are no season passes for the festival as such, but there are 15% discounts for multiple bookings at weekends, the so-called Weekender Tickets.

Getting To The Dublin Fringe Festival
The majority of the venues for the Fringe Festival are located in Dublin's city centre, predominantly on the Southside. Typically, the main venues staging key performances are within walking distance of each other. Part of the Fringe Festival's charm is the mix of permanent venues and temporary open air locations, such as a marquee in a city centre park.

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