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Flights From Germany To Dublin

One of Ireland's main trade partners on the continent, Germany is the second busiest source of air traffic with Ireland after the UK. Frankfurt am Main is the main airport, with daily flights to Dublin. Frankfurt is the main hub for intercontinental air travel to Dublin after London Heathrow.

Aer Lingus
Irish airline Aer Lingus operates direct flights from to Dublin from Frankfurt, Munich and Duesseldorf. Refreshments are charged extra on board. Flying with Aer Lingus, you usually get a shorter walk from your plane at Dublin airport. Aer Lingus has restyled itself as a low cost airline in recent years and often has discounted airfares from Germany to Dublin when you book online.

German national carrier Lufthansa services Dublin Airport from its Frankfurt base. Lufthansa often has very good deals on flights to Dublin, particularly if you book at least a month in advance. The cabin crew serves refreshments on the 2 hour flight. Flying with Lufthansa, you typically have more check-in options and a shorter walk to your plane at Frankfurt.

Irish budget carrier Ryanair offers daily direct flights from Duesseldorf. Ryanair also flies direct to Dublin from regional airports such as Frankfurt Hahn, which is located roughly halfway between Cologne and Frankfurt, and Bremen. Ryanair often advertises special offers on airfares to Dublin. Like with many other low cost airlines, you pay taxes, baggage handling fees and airport charges on top of that.

German Wings
German budget airline German Wings offer direct flights to Dublin from regional airports such as Dresden, Leipzig or Cologne/Bonn to Dublin in the summer months.


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